Workshops / Training & Services:
- Introductory Workshop to Mac OS X
- Mac OS X Power Users Enrichment Workshop
- Switcher Bundle Package

- Mac Tuition
- Apple Keynote Workshop
- iMovie & iDVD Production Workshop
- Mac Troubleshooting and Maintenance

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Mac OS X Power Users Enrichment Workshop (Most Popular!)
Duration: 2 Days (2.5 Hrs / Session)

*For participants of my "Introductory workshop to OS X" at iShop (Cineleisure), this is the enrichment workshop that I was recommending to you.

A unique and integrated session that will enhance the user's experience on the Macintosh computer. This enrichment workshop will help you to realize how you can maximise your Mac and increase work productivity, as well as, help you save precious time! Regardless of whether you are rushing your work before meeting your friends or meeting assignment deadlines, learn how to use your Mac to get things done efficiently!

This workshop will cover the basics and all the necessary things that you'll need to know about Mac OS X, including the non obvious but useful features and functions. I will highlight the various iApps and other 3rd party applications that can enchance your computing experience, and will cover slightly advanced issues, settings, maintenance and many essential tips and tricks.

When you are purchasing an Apple computer from a retail shop or online store, their main concern is to sell you the machine; whereas my concern is to help you get the most out of it. I have always felt sorry for people who have the courage to switch to a Mac but sold it in the end because they couldn't get used to it. This is why I designed this workshop, to share whatever I know, to the best of my abilities. I will be honest and straight forward with you on what is good, bad, what can be done or cannot be done on your Mac.

This course is not just to showcase how cool a Mac is, but rather to give you some real life examples and demos on how to integrate your Macintosh computer into your life. Whether you are a CEO, student, teacher, designer, engineer, photographer, business executive, entrepreneur, retiree, hobbyist etc, or attending this enrichment workshop for your work, study or play, it will greatly contribute to the ease in which you go about your daily tasks on a computer.

This is a brief outline of the topics that I will cover:
- OS X intermediate topics
- OS X unique features
- Learn powerful time saving workflows and shortcuts
- Internet applications and time saving features
- Integrating your mac with your life
- Multimedia on the Mac
- The iLife experience
- Using your Mac for work
- Networking
- Maintenance and basic troubleshooting
- Useful 3rd party applications
- Everything else you need to know to be a power user!

Please read my testimonials written by previous clients on how they feel about this workshop.

Venue: Will be set to our convenience. Class can be conducted at your residence or office.

Mac Tuition
This training is suitable if you prefer to learn at a comfortable pace. I will be guiding you through, and covering all the important topics that you choose to learn. The number of lessons will depend on how many you feel is necessary. The objective is to help you be proficient enough on your mac and to be an independent user! The venue can be arranged according to your convenience or at your residence, if you are using a desktop.

Apple Keynote Workshop
Duration: 2.5 Hrs
Learn how to create powerful presentations using Keynote, Apple's own version of "Powerpoint". This workshop will help you switch to Keynote within the shortest time possible. Learn how to use the built-in tools, with my personal tips on producing good presentations and meeting tight deadlines. This workshop will be especially useful to corporate personnel or anyone who needs to give presentations on a regular basis.

iMovie & iDvd Production Workshop
Duration: 3 Hrs

Learn how plan, shoot, edit using iMovie. Then learn how to use iDvd to author your own DVD, all of these within a day. This is your fastest route to learn video editing but I will still cover all the important and necessary topics for every new aspiring video editor.

Mac Troubleshooting and Maintenance
I can provide onsite troubleshooting and servicing for your Macs. Please contact me if you are interested.

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