Thoroughly enjoyed the two enrichment sessions we had with you. Now I feel more confident with my Mac as I understand the operating system and can play around and work things out. The tips are GREAT. Really trying to use them. Can see how they make life with a mac really cool. ICal is ace. Wish I had done the course in June when I bought the computer. Would totally recommend anyone switching to Mac to spend some time with you doing your super organised course. AND you didn't blind us with computer geek stuff - you made the sessions very easy to understand. Thanks.
- Penny Hall, Expatriate

Although I've been a Mac user for almost 7 years, I'm sad to admit that I've been using my previous Macs like a Windows user, just on a different platform, which was very sad. Though the lack of the infamous blue screens really changed my life. However all changed after attending the MacEnrich workshop which Colin held in NTU some weeks back. I've always known that Colin is a very pro Mac user, but nothing could prepare me for what I was going to witness during his workshop. The ease with which he went about doing stuff on his Mac seemed like magic to me. Everything was so smooth and flowed so well. His down-to-earth presentation style further enhanced the speed at which I could absorb and apply what was being taught.

After a few weeks of applying what I had learnt from Colin, I must say that I've finally started to fully exploit and appreciate the wonders that my Mac baby can offer me. I'm far from reaching the level that Colin is at, but I think with more practice, everyone, including myself, will be able to become a MacEnriched power user!
- Ilona Chong, Undergraduate (Nanyang Business School)

I was forwarded the contact for the MacEnrich programme offered by Colin Wan by a friend who is a long term Mac user. At first I was unsure whether I really needed to involve a one on one tutor feeling that I could find all I needed in Help. However, I did not regret my decision.
Colin not only knows his Mac inside out, he is able to help enormously with the transition from a PC to a Mac. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his capacity to convey the essence of what makes a Mac so unique, versatile and user friendly is second to none.
His course is well thought out and paced to suit the individual. He is articulate and exudes a thorough technical knowledge of his subject which meant that no question was left unanswered.
Without his help, I would undoubtedly have been able to make my OS X operate but without any real insight into what it is really capable of doing. From shortcuts to tips about file organisation and customising the computer to suit your every need, Colin had such a wealth of information to impart that I would never have picked up alone. I am pretty sure this course is unrivalled in Singapore.
- Cat Preston, English Teacher and recent Mac convert.

Ever since the day i met Colin, he has already been an avid mac user. Back then it was 2001 and i was still ignorant to many things, and one of these things was the use of everyday computers. The idea back then was that if i'd ever move over to the Macintosh platform, i'd seek advice from Colin, but the idea never occured to me that that day would ever come. Now year 2007, with the various advances in technology and the ceasing of the youth-induced apathy, i decided to give Apple a chance once my windows PC died. Having heard all the innovative and interesting programs/software they offer (namely garageband & imovie) and the ever-growing positive feedback, i made the choice. i jumped onto the bandwagon. A cooler bandwagon. Now, it issn't difficult to navigate stuff on a Mac by yourself. However, i knew i wasnt using it to even half of its potential and thats when i remembered the pact i made with myself 6 years ago. Colin.

MacEnrich's Mac OS X Power Users Enrichment Workshop isnt your normal tuitorial session. Needless to say, Colin also isn't your average teacher/tuitor. After going through the MacEnrich session, i realised i was so completely oblivious to 95% of what he taught me (and to think theres still so much MORE to explore on the Mac). Watching Colin navigate from screen to program to applications on his mac simply leaves one in awe. Well, either that or starry-eyed, not knowing what the he*l he's doing as its so fast. Thats the efficiency of Colin's nagivation on his mac and what he truely hopes you will learn to do too, after his lesson. The lesson covers various aspects ranging from the many settings for your system to shortcut keys leading to task efficiency, and even touches on his personal workflows with itunes, safari, widgets & others. Anyone, young or old, beginner or advanced, male or female, are strongly encouraged to take up Colin's MacEnrich course and unleash the potential of this truely sophisticated platform. Having completed the 3.5 hour long lesson with Colin, not only have i learnt more from his lesson than the past months having owned my mac, i'm sure every single attendee will also wholeheartedly agree with me on this. So now, hats off and make a toast to this delightful workshop and experience Colin and MacEnrich provides.

i have always wondered whether after doing all this, has anyone told Colin to go get a life? Well, from my point of view, it looks like he's trying to lead 4 already. =)

Thank you so much Colin for being a friend, a guide, a connoisseur and just an all round wonderful person. Cheers to you and MacEnrich!"
- Hans Wong Jensen, Undergratudate (Computer Engineering, NTU) / Duncan Crew Singapore

"I've always wanted a Mac, not because I had problems with my PC. I love my PC, and only got myself a Mac Book Pro because I wanted to further my interest in Video Editing with Final Cut Pro. Colin's course, however, made me realize how much more I could get out of my Mac other than chopping up and churning out videos with it. In just 3 hours of Colin's Mac Power Users Enrichment Program, I've realized how much more I could get out of the OS-X which is both time saving and very efficient! Definitely an eye opener, this course will make you understand why more and more people SHOULD switch over to a Mac."
- Andrew Lin, Student, Video Editor of SGDrifters Videos (

"The "OS X Power Users" workshop that Colin conducted was really enriching! I am a new mac user and recently bought a Macbook 2 weeks before I attended the course. For two weeks, I learned how to operate the MacBook simply and it appeared really user-friendly and very easy to use. Honestly, I contemplated whether to go for the workshop since I was pretty comfortable with using my MacBook and thought.. maybe I can just explore it on my own (sounds familiar?). I went anyway, to the one-hour beginner course, which I arranged with Colin earlier. After that, I ended up going for the four-hour long MacEnrich course as well! Like I said earlier, it was enriching and WOW. Throughout the course, I was 'WOWed' by the many tricks and tips that he showed and indeed.. Why didn't I switch to using Mac earlier?!! This course really started me off to exploring my MacBook further. Hesitate no more, you will not regret going for this course! Thanks Colin!!!! "
- Chuan Tin, Teacher

"I’ve been very hesitant in getting a Mac, as I fear that the transition from the Windows platform would hinder my work on a Mac. However, Colin’s encouragement and his ‘belief’ in Mac motivated me to get my Mac. His workshop was indeed very useful, not to mention, impressive too. Colin is very extensive in his knowledge of macintosh. Coupled with his patient teaching (he really makes sure you are sure!), I learnt a lot about the Mac! More that what I’d learn if I were to just surf the Internet for information! This course was exactly what I need to help me become a pro user! =) "
- Stephanie Lim, Teacher

"Colin has shown me that my Mac is more than just a sleek looking laptop with a cool graphical user interface. Packing a whole host of time-saving tips and shortcuts, the workshop also covers on how to fully utilise some commonly used applications in Mac OS X. As a computer engineering undergraduate, my initial worry was that the I'd be unable to do software development on the Mac. After the workshop, I am now convinced that I'll be able to do even more on my Mac. MacEnrich truly lives up to its tagline, enabling me to maximise my Mac and enrich my life"
- Junhan, Undergraduate (Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University)

"I started of with a Mac not knowing a single thing about it. However, Colin managed to give a very comprehensive workshop on how to integrate your Mac with your life and utilise it to improve all aspects of your life from work to personal stuff. Now, my Macbook is an important tool in my life. This would never have been possible if I hadn't attended this workshop. It is definitely a must to attend this workshop if you wish to make full use of your Mac to make life alot simpler."
- Jerome Ng, Undergraduate (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Nanyang Technological University)

"It has been a few days since I attented your power users workshop. Thank you very much!! I'm having so much fun with my new Mac now and really trying to integrate my life with the Mac. Your workshop was very enriching and after seeing all your demonstrations, I am looking forward to be a power user too! Thank you so much for the workshop, really worthwhile!"
- Simon Teo, Post Graduate Diploma Student in Education (Physical Education, NIE)

"It had been two weeks since I attended the MacEnrich workshop I have been trying Colin's personal workflows and power tips that are so handy. I had learnt a lot from the workshop, which is really very informative and 'MacEnriching'. It not only saved me a lot of time and hassle to go through Mac forum to find out more about Mac but also an eye-opener to know what exactly a Mac can do. The workshop js definitely worth every penny, thanks Colin.
- Siew Ying, Undergraduate (Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University)

"Thanks again for the training session which has opened my mind to the numerous wondeful features of the Mac, as well, the additional input that you have so generously shared. I will definitely not hesitate to recommend your services to associates or friends who require your services. It is great that you provide this service as I am sure a number of new Mac users will benefit from it."
- Jeannie Sng

"Thank you very much. It was a very comprehensive lesson and I truly enjoyed it!"
- Huang Fenfei, Director (MediaCorp Studio, Chinese Drama Division)

"A private mac tutor some might say but Colin is more than just a tutor. He is detailed, patient and certainly know his stuff very very well. i was previously a mac user too and had one of those iMacs during the 90s. i thought i knew quite a fair bit about mac, at least more than enough to just get me around the daily applications. Until I've attended the workshop and Colin has impressed me on how more efficient i can be with the mac. Attending his workshop has certainly cut down a lot of time wasted from reading from forums and books on using the mac. this is especially true when you are a working adult."
- Bryan Chin, Optician (Jamco Optical and Trading Co)

"Magic touch- Colin showed me how to shave off precious time on my mac with shortcut techniques, this translate to more time for other aspects of life! He introduced a new platform with a lot of learning opportunities and I never imagined using computers can be fun. Colin is patient, knowledgeable, detailed and helpful. He possesses qualities of a caring teacher.
The macintosh platform was new to me but the workshop made it easy for me to adapt. He convinced me that using Mac is fun and his lessons allows me to appreciate that the Mac is superior to Microsoft, in terms of stability and other features. His lessons are well structured with Q&A breaks for me to clear any doubts before continuing. I am now a happy Mac user."
- Weitian, Tax Executive

"Exemplary examples with explanations to enhance & enrich the experience and exposure to the Mac. I have been a Windows platform user for more than 10 years. The decision for me to switch to Mac took less than 10mins. With Colin's patience and expertise with macintosh, nothing will be unanswered and no problem unsolved. This course taught by Colin is the only key to the shortcut gateway to the whole new life changing experience with a Mac. My only regret is not signing up for this course earlier! =) "
- Andy Teo, Engineer

"I set my mind on attending the MacEnrich workshop even before I got my mac and I knew it would be beneficial. Initially I had thought it would be tough switching from Windows but my doubts were cleared after the session - I was totally won over! It is actually possible to master using the mac on own but I cannot even begin to imagine how long that would have taken me. What Colin did was to accelerate that learning process. You could say I was 'properly' introduced to Mac and with the basic knowledge that I've gained, I found it easier to further explore it alone. Of course, time and patience do play a part along the way but the workshop has enabled me to break free from the Windows box into a new dimension altogether."

- Adeline Kwan, Programme Executive

"Well, it had always been my dream to own a Mac, and after waiting for long it finally happened last week. But when I actually started using my machine, believe me it was as complicated as it was fascinating. The former was further supported by the fact that I was another of those users bugged with Windows and shifting to Mac. It was quite clear that I would need to spend another couple of months to get a hang of this pretty piece. Well, that certainly wasn't on my schedule. And the solution - a three hour workshop with an experienced 'Mac' professional - Mr. Colin Wan. I got to learn everything from basic OS handling to specific application properties, major short cuts to increase my efficiency as well as the other amazingly cool stuff that can be done on this laptop. Some smart tricks here and there were pretty handy too. The whole idea is to shed the Windows experience and stop using the Mac like Windows. Am sure that I am much better off handling my Mac, than I would have been learning on my own over the days, and I would have to say that if you want to get started on your Mac as soon as possible, this workshop is more like a necessity. Well, if you just bought a Mac and are reading this, I would strongly recommend this workshop for you."
- Anuj, Undergraduate (Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Nanyang Technological University)

"This Mac Workshop really helped me a lot in the sense that it clears my head about how to use the mac. This short workshop is really useful as it taught me how to handle a mac properly, and it teaches the normal main functions of the Mac as it is very different from other laptops.
Without this workshop, I will not be able to know what a mac can really do, and how it can help my working life easier. Now I know and understand how to fully utilize a mac, and how it can make my life easier by working with it. It makes me think that I would love to have a Mac for the rest of my life... Haha!

Thanks Colin!"
- Nichy Chow, Project Coordinator

“I have been using a Mac for a few months and felt that I still have plenty more to learn about a Mac. Prior to having this Workshop I have always been using my Mac like a PC. After the course I had with Colin, it have made me realize how much more a Mac can do compared to a PC and with the effective guidance by Colin it made the understanding better! Now I can use my Mac to the best of its abilities and it saves a lot of my time too! This Workshop is definitely a must-have to people who feels they want to know more about a Mac!”
- Derek Choo, Student (Temasek Business School)

“Colin’s knowledge on the Mac OS is truly astounding! As a new Mac user, I did not know where to start. There were so many new applications and different names were used for them. However within a short time-span, he gave me an overview on the Mac OS and its functions. Colin explanations are simple, allowing me to easily understand the processes. He also demonstrates these processes with life examples using his MacBook Pro. By demonstrating applications, which are otherwise not achievable by a normal PC, this has truly allowed me to appreciate the functions of a MacBook!”
- Yang Yan, Undergraduate (Accountancy, Nanyang Business School)

"Definitely informative, definitely something that all new mac users should attend. Colin gave a set of very straightforward and competent instructions. He was very patient and helped me immensely in understanding my macbook pro. I wouldn't have realised so quickly what an amazing and time-saving machine i've gotten myself!I strongly recommend the course because it'll give you the confidence of exploring what great your mac can offer. Learn how to fully utilise your mac.. and you'll come to love it more than ever."

- Yizhi, Undergraduate (School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University)

I'm a new Mac user and like most greenhorns, didn't know how to go around using the MacBook. Good thing I knew Colin here who's a Mac pro (also uses a Macbook Pro) and he gave me this 1-day workshop and taught me the basics, along with some useful tips and tricks. It was really good. Learnt alot about the Mac (its basic functions and short-cut keys) and things I never thought a computer could do, all done in a really comfortable environment. The dude's clear and patient too. So if you ask me, it was worth the money. Didn't regret going for the workshop, neither did I regret buying a Mac for that matter!
- Edward Ng, Undergraduate (Accountancy, Nanyang Business School)

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