It was the year 1999, when I left the PC platform and switched to an Apple computer (Macintosh). The only regret I had, was not getting a Mac earlier. It would have saved me all the time wasted and hours of frustration trying to get my work done. Finally, I can do what I have always wanted to accomplish, on my Apple computer! Using a computer was never this cool and fun on a PC. Despite having learnt so many useful tips and tricks along the way, I still crave for more.

People used to tell me that Macs were more suited for the design industry. However, I chose to go against that claim, and have successfully completed my diploma in Computer Engineering (Temasek Polytechnic) and my undergraduate studies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Nanyang Technological University), having done a final year project based entirely on Java programming, on my trusted Mac. By using a Mac, I have further improved my workflow and greatly increased my productivity rate.

Most experienced Mac users know that using an Apple computer is not only wonderful and delightful, it is phenomenal. You just have to use it for yourself, to see the difference it can make in your life!

Unfortunately, no matter how good a Mac may be, there are still obstacles to overcome. Most 'switchers' are so used to PCs that they then try to fuse the usage of a Mac, together with a PC mindset, and end up not being able to exploit the true capabilities of the Mac's user-friendly interface. Another common problem is, most PC users wouldn't know where to start when switching to a Mac. By the time they get used to using a Mac in their traditional PC way, they would have wasted much time and energy, wishing that if only they had known how to maximize a Mac's functions earlier, the time wasted could have been channeled into doing something more productive.

In our fast-paced cosmopolitan society, wouldn't it be great if one could learn these 'shortcuts' and workflows within the shortest time possible and get on with higher priorities in life? After all, already having spent a premium on a Mac, why not get the most out of it? Why spend hours reading books, surfing websites and forums just to learn how to use it, when you could be spending this time on the quality and finer aspects of life!

This is where my workshops come in. Being familiar with the obstacles a new user would face, the courses are designed in a way that enables both a completely new Mac user or an experienced one, to benefit and learn at the same time. Even some of my friends who have been using their Macs for years, found my workshop useful and interesting. It is from these sessions which I have compiled various topics to conduct an enrichment workshop for Mac users. Hence, the birth of MacEnrich.

Welcome to this wonderful and exciting world of the finest computers on this planet!

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