1. Why should I pay for this workshop if I can just learn from my friend who is an experienced mac user?
Ans: This is the most common feedback I've received. However, I know the topics covered in my lessons well enough to set a fee. In fact this price is just a limited time offer and it will return to the normal rate after this period.

What you pay for is what you get. If your friend is just helping you to tide through the basics, how much do you think you will really learn? Learning how to survive on a mac is one thing, learning how to really make the most out of it is another.

Think of students going for tuition classes, why should they pay a monthly premium to part time tuition teachers when they can just ask their friends for help? Or if you are expecting free lessons - when you buy a windows PC, do they offer free lessons to you?

It is because of this question that led me to include a testimonial section. Initially, my clients don't realise the need to pay to learn how to use a mac as there are numerous resources online. Precisely! Having tons of references around, on the web and through books, can be overwhelming, but here I am coalescing everything for your convenience. You can read the testimonials written and decide for yourself. Don't forget, its not about plodding through the applications and functions of your Mac, but its about making full use and getting the most out of it!

2. Is this workshop only for new mac users?

Ans: No. I have clients who have been using mac for months, some even years, thinking that they are used to the mac. They only realised that there is so much more to it after attending the workshop. Note that this is known as an enrichment workshop so it does not cover the basics but also the more advanced topics.

3. If I can find a few friends to attend the workshop together, can there be a further discount?

Ans: Sorry no. Think of it this way, if you can attend in a bigger group, it is only to your advantage. Why so? With more peers attending, you get to ask more questions and hear different views, thus learning so much more. This behaviour was what I have observed from my previous experiences.

4. If I want to save money by not attending this workshop and discover on my own online, is it possible?
Ans: Of course! However, the next thing you need to ask yourself is would you rather waste all that time for months and years to learn all the cool stuff, or would you rather learn them in the shortest possible time and get on with your life? The point is to exploit your mac so that it will make life easier and better for you. This workshop will help you to achieve that faster.

7. I am just a simple user with not much expectations of my mac. Should I still attend this workshop?
Ans: Why not? What I will cover during the workshop will make you appreciate and enjoy your mac even more. You already paid a price (a relatively high price at that) for your Apple computer, why not make the most out of it? You don't need to be a geek just to appreciate and love (yes, I said love) your Mac.

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